Customer Service

Our values and mission both make a clear statement about how we want to serve our customers and as a result we have produced a customer charter which sets out the quality of customer service you can expect from us and also explains how you can help us to improve our service to you.

Our Charter

The charter is our promise to provide consistent, professional and high quality customer service by:

  • Ensuring that you are treated professionally, and with respect
  • Being knowledgeable, polite and understanding of your needs
  • Answering your telephone calls promptly, with our associates name and company name
  • Replying to your emails promptly, ensuring that responses are professionally written and contact details are easily accessible
  • Providing you with quick and accurate responses to your enquiries and ensuring that you are kept up to date about those enquiries
  • Providing on-time delivery of products to the right address, in the right quantities
  • Valuing and responding to your feedback and input

One of our strategic objectives is to be Our Customers' First Choice, and there are a number of ways in which we can assess if we are reaching this objective; e.g. our customer retention figures, increased sales, increased complementary sales, or by simply asking our customers what they think of us and the service we provide.

Therefore every year in November we conduct a Customer Survey, and as a result of that survey we put together an internal report of the findings and an action plan to make improvements to our service year on year.

The focus for improvement continues to be across these four areas:  

  • Improving our ability to deliver to customer requested delivery dates
  • Develop and communicate our issues handling process, improving our customer service
  • Improve Proactive Communication, keeping  our customers informed about changes to their order
  • Maintain our accuracy levels as this is most important to all of our customers across the group.


Weekly touch point survey

Every Friday we send our weekly touch point survey to 10 randomly selected customers by sales area, the survey asks for feedback to 6 questions about your experience with Routeco. We will always follow up where scores indicate that you are not happy with the service provided.