Automation and Software

Automation is key to being more productive and it is critical, when designing your automation control system to get the application right first time, on budget, and fulfilling the specification of its intended use. With different platforms available through Rockwell Automation’s portfolio of hardware and software, this task can be daunting without specialist knowledge. At Routeco, our specialists have many combined years of experience across different industries. We use this experience to draw upon best practices and working knowledge to deliver a practical approach to problem solving.

If this is your first-time using Rockwell Automation PLCs/HMIs we can also assist you in getting started and putting the pieces together. We can walk you through the procedure to get all the parts of your system communicating with each other and functioning.

Keeping up to date with technology can be a mammoth task in this fast-moving world and the team are perfectly placed to keep you informed of new products and processes which Rockwell Automation and our partners develop. We can also demonstrate the latest technology and practices.


Rockwell Automation PLC





What is a Programmable Logix Controller (PLC)

A Programmable Logic Controller is an industrial computer which has been programmed to control different aspects of the manufacturing process. They come in a range of different sizes such as Large PLC Control Systems (ControlLogix), Medium PLC Control Systems (CompactLogix) and Micro Control Systems (MicroLogix). Examples of when you would use a PLC might be on an assembly line to perform demanding and complex tasks. PLCs are easier to troubleshoot, more scalable and easier to upgrade so there is no need for extra relays, timers or physical rewiring.

What is a Human Machine Interface (HMI)?

A Human Machine Interface is a screen that connects a person to a machine or piece of software and displays important information or current status to help you run and maintain systems. HMIs are highly capable and easy to get information from, they have clearer graphics and can show trends, alarms and different dashboards. A HMI can easily be upgraded and can be to monitor PLC IO and any other devices the PLC talks to and is integrated with e.g. card readers or cameras. You can use a HMI to scale up a SCADA application and connect with a HMI remotely to allow you to work and monitor away from site.

Industrial Ethernet

If industrial Ethernet networks are your thing, talk to us for system architecture assistance following the CPwE model. We can help you with the full range of Rockwell Automation switch technology for the factory floor or Cisco for the whole plantwide network.

Remote Connectivity

Remote access solutions continue to be more essential, and we can help you select a wide range of solutions based on application, from a wide range of manufacturers.

Protocol conversion and wireless connectivity are also very important to being able to deliver an integrated system package to fulfil an application. We can help you with this too.

Rockwell Automation Software

Rockwell Automation’s software offering doesn’t just include the software for programming your PLC, HMI and SCADA applications, it also includes software solutions that empowers your plant and operations staff and adds real productivity from the machine level on up through the enterprise.

We can assist you from process to batch to discrete applications, your most complex challenges are solved with the combination of award-winning Rockwell Automation software.

Visualisation, reporting, and analytics solutions keep operators informed on important performance issues like quality and energy management. Better yet - they can be scaled from the machine or line level and across the enterprise.

Pre-Sales Technical Consultancy

Advice can be given on how to achieve a certain function from a proposed system architecture to meet the functionality you desire, which can be demonstrated as a proof of concept.

Post-Sales Guidance

Advice can be offered to resolve issues and problems that you may experience, which is backed up by in-depth technical support from Rockwell Automation. Advice can also be given on complementary products, again backed up by the manufacturer.

Automatic Drive/Device configuration with PowerFlex 525 from Rockwell Automation

Watch the below video to learn more about the process of changing a drive/device and applying the same parameters through ethernet. This fix could help reduce downtime. Please email us for more information about automation and software solutions from Routeco.