Routeco can provide solutions in many different areas, ranging from our unique 'OEM Business Solutions' consultancy for machine and equipment builders, assisting manufacturers with production optimisation techniques and advising on energy saving technologies and legacy equipment migration.  All of our solutions are designed with the main purpose of adding-value to you and your business.

Our Assemblies division can assist you by reducing the time you take to assemble and kit parts together by unloading some of the simplistic jobs from your workload. This in turn helps to keep your skilled workforce focused on engineering tasks, rather than constantly undertaking menial assembly tasks.



Another area of expertise in which Routeco can assist with is implementing an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy within your manufacturing facility, allowing you to turn device data into production insights and then extra cash for your business!

By working with Rockwell Automation, Cisco and Panduit we can help you to achieve a fully 'Connected Enterprise' by adopting a Converged Plant-wide Ethernet (CPwE)infrastructure throughout your manufacturing facilities.  

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