Asset Management


Today's manufacturers face the challenge of doing more with less. This heightens the importance of an effective plan. We can help you to focus on improving your efficiency and productivity allowing you to reduce your automation equipment assets by offering a range of asset management services specifically tailored to your business needs.



Managed store replenishment

We are able to offer a managed store replenishment service whereby we take over the consumable items in your warehouse and agree minimum and maximum stock levels. On a weekly basis, a Routeco representative will visit the site and assess stock that has fallen below the minimum level and will arrange for products to be delivered to bring it up to the maximum level.

Replenishment orders will be placed on the customer's behalf at pre-agreed pricing against a blanket order up to an agreed fiscal limit. Beyond this limit written authorisation by the customer is required. The minimum length of contract would be twelve months with quarterly review meetings to assess usage and adjust min/max levels where appropriate.

Installed product evaluation

Our installed product evaluation service will help you take stock of your inventory from identifying parts used to a comprehensive site evaluation survey. We will recommend replacement or alternative products where items are now obsolete or difficult to source. A detailed spares list will be compiled by site, by area/location or by panel. This is a chargeable service which is refundable upon sign up of agreement.

To your asset management needs with one of our service consultants advise please contact us [email protected]